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My Child

The I Matter program provides 3 free behavioral health sessions to youth ages 18 and under, or 21 and younger if receiving special education services.
I Matter campaign toolkit

Mental Health First Aid – Tips for parents and caregivers to talk to youth about their mental health.

For Children, Teens, and Families – Mind Springs

Parenting Tools
Parenting Guides
Set To Go – A JED Program
During high school your children will be gaining academic skills and knowledge to prepare for life, but thriving in adulthood requires more than just facts learned in classes.

Vaping & Drug Resources:
Know The Facts
Parent Info Video
Teen Vaping Info and Resources
“The Real Cost” by CDC & FDA -video
The Truth
Educational Games: Drug Use and Effects
Get The Facts on Drugs
Exploring Drug Effects
Facts of Teen Drug Use

60 Tips for Supporting A Family Member – Mind Springs
Resources, Support and Connection for the Parenting Journey – Aspen Family Connections 

Safe2Tell Colorado provides:
  • An anonymous way for students, parents, school staff and community members to report concerns regarding their safety or the safety of others.
  • Resources and materials for schools and communities to educate and promote the Safe2Tell Colorado initiative.
  • Technical assistance to schools and communities before and after tragic events.
  • Expertise in creating safer schools and communities through prevention and early intervention.
  • Education, awareness, and outreach to encourage reporting and breaking the code of silence.
High school girls can often feel disconnected from themselves and their sense of self worthEllement collective offers training, events and tools that empower them to live confidently.

Armchair Expert Featuring Brooke Shields
Armchair Expert Featuring Harold Koplewicz

My Students

School-Based Mental Health Program – Aspen Hope Center

Wellness, yoga, and social-emotional learning trainings for educators & leaders
Teaching Through a Pandemic
Mindfulness in the Classroom
Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child
Developing LGBTQ-Inclusive Classroom Resources
Facts on Teen Drug Use for Teachers

Set To Go – For Educators
While your primary mission is to provide your students with the classroom knowledge they need to prepare for their future, there are many other important developmental tasks which will make a tremendous difference to their future success in life.

We All Have Mental Health – Teacher Toolkit

For The Men in Your Life

Man Therapy

Block Talk with Frank and Ruben

From Survivor to Thriver, Podcast