Nearly a quarter of the U.S. workforce – 28 million workers – experience a mental health or substance abuse disorder. 

71% of these workers never sought help.


Equip your employees with tools to address their mental health needs that increase the bottom line and ultimately strengthen your organization and our community.

In 2017, U.S. firefighters & police officers had taken their life by suicide more than any other line-of-duty officer. 

In 2015, the construction and extraction field had the highest rates of suicides for men, with 53.2 suicides per 100,000 working people. 

Expand your emotional toolbox!

Download the following articles, apps, coping resources to maintain good mental hygiene.


Coping Tips and Strategies

Mental Health Calculators

Education Resources

Book Shelf

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

Conscious Capitalism by Mackey, George, Sisodia

Everybody Matters by Chapman, Sisodia

Radical Candar: How to be a kick ass boss by Kim Scott

Drive by Daniel Pink

What Great Sales People Do by Zoldan, Bosworth

Preventing Suicide & Crisis

 10 Ways to Deal with the Aftermath of Suicide in the Workplace


How to begin the conversation about suicide with someone you are concerned about

Comprehensive Blueprint for Workplace Suicide Prevention

More Tools to Elevate Your Wellbeing

Find more tools, apps, and resources to support your mental hygiene outside of work!

Aspen Strong Tools

Connect anonymously for you or an employee !

Promoting mental hygiene and connecting valley-wide resources to support healthy community dialogue where suicide is recognized as preventable and mental hygiene is embraced and supported.