Aspen Strong


Volunteers Needed

We are stronger together. Building community connections in the Roaring Fork Valley creates stronger systems for mental health support. Volunteering is a key part of Aspen Strong strength. We ask community members, businesses, and organizations to join us in raising awareness and funds to support mental health in the Roaring Fork Valley. As Aspen Strong grows in development, there will be many more opportunities of volunteer work to ensure that the community’s donations truly reach those in need.

Aspen Strong participates in a variety of events up and down the valley and are always looking for volunteers to join us to promote mental wellness practices and the resources in our valley.  We have a presence at health fairs, races, and various fairs and markets throughout the area.

Capstone Projects: Aspen Strong is always looking for ways to improve our youth programming, tool kits and resources.  If you have any ideas that you would like to work on for youth mental well being we would love to hear from you.

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