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    Healthy Relationships

    Between social distancing and family togetherness sheltering-in-place, our relationships are being tested. Join Tom Gangel for some techniques and tactics to nurture inter-connectivity today.

    Relax at the Oasis with Clubhouse Director Alex Rodriquez

    Our “Peace in the Pandemic” series features a relaxing session of meditation and stretching exercises with Oasis Clubhouse Director Alex Rodriquez (sorry no JLo).

    Practicing Mindfulness

    Improve your ability to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your resilience. Join Jackie Skramstad LCSW for a short session meant to maximize every moment.

    Help for the Helpers

    Thank you to all of the helpers out there right now, this event is for you! First responder, health care professional, essential worker, caring volunteer —- you are our lifeline right now and its important to recharge your batteries and make some time for a little self-care. Please join Dr. Amy Gallagher for a session designed just for you and your mental health.

    A New Angle for a New World

    It’s a new world out there alright and its clear we will need to do and think about things differently. Join Mind Springs Health EVP Michelle Hoy for a continuation of last week’s discussion on reframing our perspectives.

    Mental Health First Aid Glenwood Springs

    Mental Health First Aid is an evidence based public health training program that teaches participants the signs
    and symptoms of mental health challenges or crisis what to do in an emergency and where to turn for help
    MHFA is implemented around the U S and the world Research has shown that the training reduces stigma
    enhances behavioral health literacy and improves participants’ behavioral health
    Access to services in remote rural and frontier counties can be logistically challenging This MHFA class
    matches the strengths of rural communities with their unique barriers to accessing care.