Changing Brains Changing Lives | 2019 Symposium

This year we explore the topic of

PLAY relieves stress, improves brain function, strengthens relationships and your connection to others while stimulating your mind and boosting creativity.

Enhance your ability to be resilient to future challenges.

This annual symposium focuses on providing education and strategies on how to use neuroscience to change brains, and change lives.

October 22nd 2019

Community & Panel Discussion
Wheeler Opera House

5:30 – 5:45pm Open Statements
5:45 – 6:30pm KEYON DOOLING
6:30 – 6:45pm Play as a Means of Communicating
6:45 – 7:20pm Organized Panel Discussion with speakers & community members: Jayne Gottlieb, Greg Poschman, Sean Van Horn, ISVERA

Leaders in neuroscience and education join a panel discussion about PLAY & COMMUNICATION and the impact it has on our brains…and on our lives.
This event is for EVERYONE.

October 23rd, 2019

Intensive workshop
Gant Conference Center

8:00 – 8:30am Registration
8:30 – 9:00am Opening Statements & Inspirational Speech By KEYON DOOLING
9:00 – 2:00pm Intensive Workshops & Lunch
2:00 – 2:30pm Panel Discussion

Our annual sold out workshop for clinicians, teachers, professionals.


Changing Brains, Changing Lives is a collaborative effort with valley wide partners to provide the Roaring Fork Valley with an educational opportunity for community members, professionals, and mental health workers to increase their emotional literacy and empower their understanding and awareness of mental health for them self, family, and community.

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Keyon L. Dooling


Keyon Dooling is a retired professional basketball player who enjoyed 13 exciting seasons in the NBA with teams that include the LA Clippers, New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. Mr. Dooling served 8 years on the NBPA’s Executive Committee in numerous roles, including 6 years as a Union VP, 3 years as 1st VP and a role on the NBA’s Competition Committee. Since Keyon’s retirement, he’s become a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, certified life coach and author releasing his autobiography in 2014 entitled, “What’s Driving You? How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA”

Georgie Wisen-Vincent, LMFT, RPT-S

Managing Director and Head of Faculty for The Play Strong Institute

Georgie Wisen-Vincent, LMFT, RPT-S is the Managing Director and Head of Faculty for The Play Strong Institute, a continuing education and training organization for professionals and parents. She is a Teaching Professor in the Play Therapy Program at Loma Linda University and a Clinical Supervisor of Play Therapy Practicum at the Loma Linda Behavioral Health Institute. Georgie maintains a private practice working with children and families at The Center for Connection, headed by Tina Payne Bryson, PhD. She is a frequent speaker to parents and professional audiences on the topics of Play Therapy, Collaborative Parent-Child Play, and the Neuroscience of Play.

Cherise Northcutt, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Cherise Northcutt, PhD is a clinical psychologist specializing in working with young children, birth to five, and children and their families who have experienced significant struggles and vulnerabilities. She is a mentor with Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and a certified trainer in Touchpoints, Trauma Informed Systems, Ages and Stages Developmental and Social-Emotional Assessment, and Zero to Three’s Growing Brain Curriculum. She has several publications on the Diagnostic Criteria for Young Children and developed the diagnostic guidelines for the DC: 0-3 and DC: 0-3R. She has served as a health psychologist at a major medical center, trained doctoral and masters level clinicians, provided clinical consultation to Sacramento County’s mental health birth to five programs and was the director for mental health programs at a children’s hospital.

2019 Panel Speakers

Greg Poschman, Piktin County Commissioner, was born and raised in Aspen. Greg’s parents started a ski lodge and his father was the sole operator of the Aspen Chamber of Commerce in the early 1950s. Greg has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Colorado, with minors in business and filmmaking. Over the course of his career Greg won 3 National Television Emmy awards for Directing and Camerawork. Greg served on the boards or advisory boards of local non-profits, the Aspen Public Radio advisory board and the Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and Streams Advisory Board. In 2018 Greg received the Colorado National Philanthropy Day Award for his work on building the New Westsprings Psychiatric Hospital. Greg Poschman lives with his wife Maureen and twin daughters, who attend Aspen High School.

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful creatrice. She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, conscious business consultant and mind, body, spirit coach who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health, and inspires positivity as a lifestyle.
Currently, Jayne is the owner and visionary behind Aspen’s leading destination yoga/mindfulness studio and extraordinary living center, Aspen Shakti. Shakti is not only the most welcoming of yoga studios, but also extraordinary in its modeling of what powerful and positive influence a business can have on a community. Jayne is a dedicated practitioner as well as the creator of the Shakti Yoga Method and Shakti Buddhi Yoga. She embodies what she teaches and leads/inspires students with the same drive and encouragement she gives herself. She spends much of her time running Aspen Shakti and igniting higher consciousness in her current home, Aspen, Colorado.

Stephen Sherer, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; attended Washington & Jefferson College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Minor in Psychology, while playing Division I (ACHA) hockey for four years. Sherer originally moved to Aspen 13 years ago to pursue his passion for snowboarding, biking, and an outdoor lifestyle with his brother, and now business partner, Mike. Sherer is the Founder & CEO of ISVERA, a lifestyle clothing brand with streetwear influence that has evolved over the past 10 years to include a myriad of other brand-related outlets such as sourcing custom apparel and promotional events. During his free time, Sherer enjoys playing hockey for the Aspen Leafs travel team and coaching youth hockey camps in the Summer.

Sean van Horn grew up in Seattle, WA exploring the great outdoors with my family.  Sean started racing road bikes when I was a teenager and have been an endurance junkie ever since.  He spends summers trail running, mountain biking and peak bagging  and my winters nordic skiing, skinning, and backcountry touring.  In 2019, Sean Van Horn spearheaded the 24 Hours Of Vert For Aspen Strong with an attempt to meet the North American record for most feet skied uphill in a 24-hour period – short by 800 feet. Sean announced his struggle with mental health and an eating disorder hoping to share with others that they are not alone. Also in 2019, Sean wins third place in the Power of 4; and also third place in the Adamello Ultra Trail 100 mile race. 

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Educators, mental health professionals, corporations, parents, and community members.

CEU Provider

Continuing Education Hours provided by the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR). CeDAR is a NAADAC Approved Education Provider #693

Participants will receive 5.1 NAADAC Continuing Education Hours for the day event. and 3.2 NAADAC Continuing Education Hours for the community event. Educators will receive a certificate of attendance for the conference.

Location & Accommodation

The Intensive Workshop will will be from 8:30am to 2:30pm at the Gant Aspen including lunch, workshop sessions, and a panel discussion. 

The Evening community event will be hosted at the Wheeler Opera House from 5-7:20pm premiering Keyon Dooling sharing his personal story and hosting community leaders and other symposium speakers in a dialogue around the importance of COMMUNICATION. 

Hotel accommodations are recommended at the Gant Hotel. Discounted rooms are available before September or until filled. Please inform them you are a symposium attendee.

with your support we can continue to…

Educate our community and strengthen their emotional literacy.

Host an online, anonymous, & confidential place to get a checkup from the neck up and explore opportunities to practice and promote good mental hygiene.

Connect our community to a directory of professionals and organizations that can support their mental health.

Equip vally-wide employers with mental health education & tools to support their employees.

Promote a centralized message that We Are ALL Aspen Strong & mental hygiene matters.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 2019 Changing Brains, Changing Lives Symposium, please review 2019 Symposium Sponsor Packet or contact Emily Supino at

PLATINUM- $10,000+
GOLD – $5,000+
SILVER – $2,500+
BRONZE- $1,000+


Intensive Workshop Tickets:

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Row 2&3: $2000 sponsored seat. Row 4&6: $1000 sponsored seat. Student tickets (must show ID) $15. General Admission: $40

All tickets can be purchased through the Wheeler Opera House.


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Please contact Emily Supino at (970) 718-2842‬.



Louis’ Swiss Pastry

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    "This was a very effective presentation and helped numerous employees connect to local resources and improve their mental hygiene. We will want to do it again," 2018 Workplace Partner

  • ,

    "In Aspen we spend so much time talking about and working on our physical and spiritual fitness, but for some reason we completely ignore our mental wellness. Its as if we believe mental illness is reserved for those far removed from us, as if we are too "fit" for that type of thing. I would argue there is a fine and precarious line between mental wellness and illness. It is our duty to all of the parts of ourselves to keep our minds strong. Aspen Strong aims to do just that through ensuring that valley wide there are resources available to each of us that assess and support our mental hygiene, our mental fitness and our mental wellness. We can't be well in our physical and spiritual realms if our mental selves are not part of the equation. We truly are as great as the sum of our parts."

    Lady Fuller, International Gifting Company

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    "Aspen Strong plays an essential role-- increasing awareness of community resources, decreasing stigma, and advocating for the most vulnerable.  Their annual symposium empowers professionals in the community, and their year-round efforts educate and connect people to mental health resources in order to reduce substance abuse, mental health crises, and suicide.  By focusing on mental health hygiene and emotional literacy, as well as supporting the front line professionals, and promoting connections and various resources, Aspen Strong’s commitment to health wellness is inspiring."  

    Tina Payne Bryson, PhD; Co-author of The Yes Brain, and bestsellers The Whole-Brain Child, No-Drama Discipline; Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Connection & The Play Strong Institute

  • Lawrence Altman, CBD Trading & ASF donor.

    I realized younger in life that it was important to help other people any way I could. I have been involved in many causes that I thought were important, but mental health as dominated my interest. My own mental health struggles led me to a wonderful doctor and through him I started the Aspen Mental Health Fund which lead me to an amazing young woman Christina King. Christina brought the Aspen Strong Foundation idea to me. I was so impressed with her incredible energy and determination to make a difference in the world of mental health that it had become my passion as well. I believe we help many people who desperately need it. We are determined to rid people of the stigma of getting help for mental health issues. I am proud to be involved with Aspen Strong!

  • Ericka Anderson, MA LPC, Trauma Specialized Psychotherapist in Roaring Fork Valley & ASF Provider

    Because of Aspen Strong there is a place to turn to when someone needs help. I am deeply appreciative of their commitment to mental health in our valley.

  • Amanda Friend, Valley Settlement Project (2015 Symposium)

    I am so grateful to the Aspen Strong Foundation for bringing such amazing information and experts to our valley. I walked away from this symposium with a toolbox of strategies for immediate implementation that I use with my students, my children, and myself. I am a better parent, better teacher, and better self after this amazing experience.