Aspen Strong


Angilina Taylor
Executive Director

Angilina brings passion for mental health to the Executive Director position based on lived experiences and is devoted to being a part of the movement to change the conversation around mental health & wellbeing. Before making the switch into the nonprofit sector Angilina had 17 years of business strategy and development experience leading and inspiring teams in the product creation market both as a corporate leader and an entrepreneur.

Lindsey Lupow
Program Director

Lindsey joins Aspen Strong with a passion for helping others and an excitement to change the way we view mental fitness. Lindsey sat on the Aspen Strong board for several years before joining the team as their Program Director. She had been in the finance industry for eighteen years before realizing her passion for the mental health sector. She strives to bring focus to the mental wellness surrounding the youth in our valley while not forgetting about the parents. Lindsey states, “Oftentimes, we are so focused on our children that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s a joint effort and we cannot overlook the mental health of either parent or child. We are only as strong as the others in our household, and if one is suffering, so will the others. Living in the mountains, we are extremely conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, yet most people do not focus on their mental fitness. “We are all great at having a cocktail and ignoring the stressors that come with living in this valley. We must change that. It’s time!”