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Crisis Support

Aspen Strong is proud to recognize that the Roaring Fork Valley has multiple crisis response teams supporting our community. Aspen Strong does not provide crisis support, and request that all crisis calls be directed to the Aspen Hope Center. Please, if you or a loved one is struggling with thoughts of suicide call the HOPEline or any of the following crisis providers below. Help is HERE.

Clinical Crisis Response in the Valley


The Aspen Hope Center

24/7 HOPELine at 970-925-5858


Mind Springs Health

24/7 Crisis Line at 888-207-4004

Faith-Based Crisis Response in the Valley


Crossroads Church

Roy Holloway (Faith-Based Crisis Support) at 970-379-3122

National Crisis Response


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

4/7 Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Please note that the Aspen Strong Foundation is not able to respond to crisis calls. Please use the contacts above for all crisis calls.

State-Wide Crisis Response


Metro Crisis Line

24/7 Crisis Line at 1-888-885-1222

National Crisis Text Line


Crisis Text Line

Text Start to 741-741

  • Lawrence Altman, CBD Trading & ASF donor.

    I realized younger in life that it was important to help other people any way I could. I have been involved in many causes that I thought were important, but mental health as dominated my interest. My own mental health struggles led me to a wonderful doctor and through him I started the Aspen Mental Health Fund which lead me to an amazing young woman Christina King. Christina brought the Aspen Strong Foundation idea to me. I was so impressed with her incredible energy and determination to make a difference in the world of mental health that it had become my passion as well. I believe we help many people who desperately need it. We are determined to rid people of the stigma of getting help for mental health issues. I am proud to be involved with Aspen Strong!

  • Ericka Anderson, MA LPC, Trauma Specialized Psychotherapist in Roaring Fork Valley & ASF Provider

    Because of Aspen Strong there is a place to turn to when someone needs help. I am deeply appreciative of their commitment to mental health in our valley.

  • Amanda Friend, Valley Settlement Project (2015 Symposium)

    I am so grateful to the Aspen Strong Foundation for bringing such amazing information and experts to our valley. I walked away from this symposium with a toolbox of strategies for immediate implementation that I use with my students, my children, and myself. I am a better parent, better teacher, and better self after this amazing experience.

  • Christopher May, Forum Phi founding partner and ASF event sponsor

    We felt that mental illness is under-addressed by society and Aspen Strong fills this gap locally. Your mind is an organ like any other and deserves treatment and resources. One single point of contact and coordination is especially helpful for the most in need, the young and the poor.

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