Aspen Strong

In memory of

In Loving memory of
Ryan Marcil & Carlin Brightwell …

Ryan’s Voice is Strong

Ryan and Carlin’s passion for mental health was infectious. They were a dynamic duo that carried out our mission with a vivacious energy.


Ryan came to the valley and to Aspen Strong ready to make an immediate impact. He lead the way for Aspen Strong by creating a fun and uplifting experience at mental health screening events breaking down stigma and continuously looking for ways to connect with the community to let them know how and where to find support to address their mental health concerns. He saw the struggles in our community and in the world. For he knew them all to well himself. He gave hope to those that didn’t have it, insight to those who were afraid to look inside themselves, and answers to find support for those who were ready. He thought big and was fearless, and spoke Aspen Strong in every venture.
Ryan’s passion reached and enthused many to partner with Aspen Strong, one being his very own and precious partner, Carlin Brightwell. Carlin joined Ryan and the Aspen Strong board this summer. Their duo was incredibly contagious! Carlin’s bright and energetic smile lit up every soul and could portray our mission in a most emphatic way.
On August 20th 2017 we spent Ryan & Carlin’s last days at Hike Hope Heal celebrating our hard work and promoting mental hygiene. It was a day we will cherish forever. Death is never easy, nor understood but we know that Ryan left us very early and left us with an important task. We will always make sure his voice is heard and are available for any questions or stories about our amazing friend Ryan Marcil.
In loving memory for Ryan’s Voice we now proudly allocate funds to go directly towards keeping Ryan’s voice alive! All donations received in Ryan’s voice will go directly towards these ideals and passions that Ryan carried out in his daily life!
Newspaper article on the loss of Ryan and Carlin.