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Have a Grateful Mind During the Holiday

The holidays can be a stress filled anxious time for many of us.  Here are some tips for staying grateful during the holidays.

How do I do this for the next few months?

Go Outside–fresh air can clear your head and help you gain a different perspective.  Take time to go for a walk and focus on the things you are thankful for.

Finding A Reason–focus on the intention of why you do something.  At Thanksgiving, find a reason for why this day is important to you.  Perhaps it’s eating something you only eat once a year or seeing friends you only see on Thanksgiving each year.

Give Yourself Permission to Say No–recognize you can’t do it all and allow yourself to say No to something, even if it’s just a second piece of pumpkin pie!

Self-Care–take time to do something just for YOU.  Make sure it is something fun that you enjoy.  The hope being you can find a positive mindset to help you through any challenges and stress of the holiday season.

How do I Cultivate Gratitude?

Practicing gratitude is a conscious choice we make to affect positive change in our lives. There are a number of ways to practice gratitude, such as:

Writing a thank-you note: Simple acts of appreciation, like a handwritten thank-you note, can nurture a relationship and make you feel good about strengthening those bonds.

Appreciating nature: Beauty is everywhere. Taking a moment to stop and experience the beauty in nature can provide you with a greater sense of well-being that can stay with you throughout the day.

Keeping a gratitude diary: Write down 5 or 6 things daily for which you are grateful. Recognizing what you are grateful for will help keep you focused on what you have rather than what you have not.

Meditating: A daily meditation practice, for even 10 minutes a day, helps reset your body’s autonomic stress response, which can help to improve sleep, reduce pain, enhance mood, and foster a better sense of well-being.

At Aspen Strong, it’s our wish that gratitude and all its benefits be present in your life and the lives of those you care about this holiday season and throughout the year.

Remember December 4th is Colorado Gives Day.
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