Aspen Strong

Executive Board

Aspen Strong’s executive team are strong advocates for mental health and are the backbone of our organization.  They intricately and voluntarily support the operations and progress of goals to support Aspen Strong’s mission to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Angilina Taylor

Angilina was in an executive role as the Design and Development Director in the footwear industry prior to moving to the RFV in 2015.   Moving here from Los Angeles county was a quality of life decision that she is so happy she made.  Angilina now owns and operates a footwear company with her husband out of Carbondale, CO.  The company is committed to donating a portion of sales to mental health organizations and is on a mission to break the stigma behind mental health issues.   

Lindsey Lupow
Vice President

Lindsey grew up in Aspen making her a true local. Currently, she works for Alpine Bank and has been in the banking industry since 2001. Lindsey spends the majority of her time outside of work with her family and in the great outdoors. Lindsey takes pride in our community and truly believes that there is no better place to live in the world than here.  She comes to Aspen Strong with excitement to see what a little mental floss can do for our community.

Andrew Godfrey

Andy is a husband, father, wealth advisor, and coach who has lived in the Aspen area for the past 45 years. Having arrived in the Roaring Fork Valley under very unusual circumstances, surviving a plane crash in 1974, he strives to make every day count by helping others in any capacity that he can. The quote from James Taylor’s song the Secret of Life “is enjoying the passage of time” resonates with him as a constant reminder that we all need to live within the moment and give back.

He has recently produced a documentary called “3 Days 2 Nights” that  chronicles his experience and serves as a guidepost for people trying to move on from traumatic events.

Jeff Hembury

Jeff moved to the valley from the U.K in 2000. Jeff has a background in the restaurant business & currently works in human resources. When he isn’t teaching spin, you can find him running trails, skiing up or down a hill or road biking. Spending time outdoors helps keep a healthy mental balance so he can strive to be a better husband & dad.

Georgina Melbye

Georgina Melbye is an attorney at the law firm Kalamaya | Goscha. Her practice focuses on family law and other types of personal disputes. Originally from Boulder, she graduated from Cornell University and pursued a law degree at the University of Colorado.

Shortly after graduating in 2014, she moved to Aspen to begin her legal career. In her practice, she often works with professionals in the mental health field to assist on disputes relating to child custody. Recognizing the great need for mental health support in the valley, she is excited to serve Aspen Strong and support the greater community. When not on the slopes or in the office, Georgina can be found mountain/dirt biking, hiking and camping.


Connie Power

The Health and Vibrancy of the Aspen Community is of great importance to Connie as she is a 5th generation “Aspenite”. With an enormous love and pride for her hometown Connie’s career started young from a love of travel. Today with over 25 years combined experience in the resort & hospitality industry, Connie is continually taking steps to move the industry forward. The pivotal focus both personally and at work is knowing the community’s strength lies in the foundation of its members' total health and sense of belonging.  Aspen Strong is a natural way to stay involved and help to better the mental health of the town she loves. 

Gaby Romo

Gaby moved to the Rocky Mountains from Mexico in 2017, with her Nursing, Business, Entrepreneurship, Women's Empowerment and Human Rights, she strives for serving her community. When not at the park playing beach volleyball, Gaby can be found in her sewing studio. 

Keir Galik

Keir was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana where he learned to ski, bike, hike, play sports and do all number of things outdoors. After moving to the Roaring Fork Valley more than 5 years ago, Keir found a comfortingly similar environment to the one he was used to back home.

As a proud person in long term recovery from drug and alcohol Keir offers practical experience in addressing mental health and substance abuse issues in our community and beyond. 

For his day job, Keir works at as a banker at Timberline Bank in Aspen