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Power of Perspective

Basalt Library 14 Midland Ave, Basalt, CO

A mindfulness-based workshop where we will explore how everyday language we use with ourselves and others affects our worldview. You will be guided through a practice using three perspectives; negative, objective (fact), and optimistic. Come connect with like- minded peers …


Acro Yoga with Life of Air

Aspen Shakti 535 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO

Acro yoga is playful partner acrobatic practice that builds community, strength, and connection. In this beginner/intermediate class, you will be introduced to foundational L-base and standing poses Multiple options will be presented to make the class more or less challenging. …

Clay Play — Wheelthrowing Workshop at Carbondale Clay Center

Carbondale Clay Center 135 Main St, Carbondale, CO

Facilitated by Matthew Eames Creating pottery is known to be therapeutic, allowing for self-expression and self-discovery while offering stress relief and relaxation. When spinning clay, we have the ability to connect our minds to our hands, creating the sense of …