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Welcome to our events page!

HIKE HOPE HEAL is our annual event each August benefiting Aspen Strong & the Mental Health Fund. Aspen Strong founded their organization on the basis of HIKE HOPE HEAL to connect our community and promote good mental hygiene. Each year during this event our community comes together to give a voice to mental health in the Roaring Fork Valley. Participants and volunteers take place in a morning yoga session and then hike up Smuggler Mountain. Register today to sponsor our 2018 hike!

Changing Brains, Changing Lives is a collaborative effort with valley wide partners to provide the Roaring Fork Valley with an educational opportunity for community members, professionals, and mental health workers to empower their understanding and awareness of mental health. Changing Brains, Changing Lives focuses on the neurosciences of the brain providing education and strategies to support and enhance the resilience at home, in the classroom, in clinical settings, and in the community.

Our first symposium took place in October 2015. Over 320 people registered for this event. 2018 Changing Brains, Changing Lives will take place October 24th with speakers, Tina Payne Bryson and theChristopher Willard.

The Mental Health Panel includes a panel of professionals presenting brief information about mental health to the community at large. This panel encourages Q&A from the audience to develop a better understanding and awareness for mental health. Please stay tuned for monthly gatherings at location along the 82 corridor.

National Depression Screening Day on October 11th, 2018. This day is held annually during Mental Illness Awareness Week and began as an effort to reach individuals across the nation with important mental health education and connect them with support services pioneered by Screening for Mental Health (SMH) in 1990. Aspen Strong, through our screening initiative, wishes to reach as many individuals and organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley for 2016. Please email for more information.

  • Lawrence Altman, CBD Trading & ASF donor.

    I realized younger in life that it was important to help other people any way I could. I have been involved in many causes that I thought were important, but mental health as dominated my interest. My own mental health struggles led me to a wonderful doctor and through him I started the Aspen Mental Health Fund which lead me to an amazing young woman Christina King. Christina brought the Aspen Strong Foundation idea to me. I was so impressed with her incredible energy and determination to make a difference in the world of mental health that it had become my passion as well. I believe we help many people who desperately need it. We are determined to rid people of the stigma of getting help for mental health issues. I am proud to be involved with Aspen Strong!

  • Ericka Anderson, MA LPC, Trauma Specialized Psychotherapist in Roaring Fork Valley & ASF Provider

    Because of Aspen Strong there is a place to turn to when someone needs help. I am deeply appreciative of their commitment to mental health in our valley.

  • Amanda Friend, Valley Settlement Project (2015 Symposium)

    I am so grateful to the Aspen Strong Foundation for bringing such amazing information and experts to our valley. I walked away from this symposium with a toolbox of strategies for immediate implementation that I use with my students, my children, and myself. I am a better parent, better teacher, and better self after this amazing experience.

  • Christopher May, Forum Phi founding partner and ASF event sponsor

    We felt that mental illness is under-addressed by society and Aspen Strong fills this gap locally. Your mind is an organ like any other and deserves treatment and resources. One single point of contact and coordination is especially helpful for the most in need, the young and the poor.