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Tired of boxing and un-boxing your emotions?

Pack your emotional toolbox instead.

Here are some useful tools and tips to help you in times when things get to be too much.
Download articles, apps & coping resources to maintain good mental hygiene.


Coping Strategies

Vaping Resources

Eating Disorders

Support your treatment: Use with your doctor, therapist, or parent.

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Preventing Suicide & Crisis

Phone Apps to Support your Resilience

Thought Diary: CBT-based app to record negative emotions and thinking, and reevaluate. 

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FearTools: CBT-based app to help combat anxiety. 

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Mood Tools: CBT-based app to help combat depression and alleviate negative moods.

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SUPERBETTER  increases resilience.

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Safety Plan: manage suicidal thoughts and help prevent suicide.

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Mind Springs Health access code ‘wellnessweb’ providing coping resources.

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Verena is a personal security system for the LGBTQ+ community, giving you the tools you need to keep you safe while you live as the person you were meant to be.

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Breath Easy: Meditation and de-escalation tool.

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Anxietyhelper is a mental health toolkit for anyone, allowing you to get info on certain mental illnesses, find resources, and use tools to cope with day to day life.

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You’ve got skills!  We have MORE resources to help you build those skills.


Whether you question the presence of eating disorders, challenged with family addiction, having a hard time managing stress at work, or just needing a place to start to deal with your depression, Aspen Strong’s directory of mental health providers is available to help you on your path toward wellness.
From suicide awareness talks, to mental health first aid to our community listens courses and children resiliency classes boost your emotional literacy for you or your business.

It is all about having the right tools.

Here are some more tools to help you elevate your well being.

Tools For Work

28 million workers experience a mental or substance abuse disorder across the nation.

Elevate your workplace potential by empowering management and staff to support employee health and wellbeing. Increase employee retention. Build a compassionate workplace. Increase productivity. Support your team with language to combat mental illness.

Tools For Home

1 in 3 kids will talk to their parents or physician about their emotional needs, most will explore the web.

Find facts about eating disorders, tools to feel better about body image or anxiety, learn more about LGBT issues and digital drama, play games to educate yourself on marijuana and other drugs, learn how to support a friend in crisis.

Each Aspen tree within a colony is connected by a single root pattern that thrives beneath the surface of the soil. Aspen Strong aims at creating a community that cultivates interdependence and strength, replicating its very own,
the Aspen tree.


We are ALL

Strong Connections. Strong Minds. Strong Community.

When you build connections within your community and within yourself,
you develop a voice that can make a difference.

Get a checkup from your neck up.

Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional.

Find A Professional

Search for mental health or wellness professionals throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

Find An Event

Explore workshops, support groups, or wellness events from Aspen to Parachute.

Your Emotional Toolbox

Download the following articles, apps, coping resources to maintain good mental hygiene.