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Strong Connections. Strong Minds. Strong Community.

For residents and employees located in Aspen to Parachute corridor, this site is a place for you to connect with people and to connect with resources. A safe, anonymous, and confidential place for you to build your emotional toolbox.

Connecting People to People

Increase Your Empathy IQ

To cognitively understand what someone is saying and see it from their point of view.
“Tell me your version of the story…” 

For us to connect, we need to see the person as a human being – someone who is valuable in their own right. To embrace their discomfort and our own.
“I didn’t see it like that… tell me more so I can understand…”

Acknowledging what you or someone may be feeling. We may need to get in touch with our emotions in order to truly connect with another person’s feelings.
“I sense you are feeling angry, is there anything I can do…”

To have someone feel like they are understood – that they are seen and heard.
“I don’t know what to say, but I’m really glad you told me.”

“Rarely can a response make something better. What makes something better is connection.”

Brene Brown

Connect with a mental health provider here

Connect with a support group here

Attend Changing Brains Changing Lives Symposium to build tools for how to build strong and lasting connecting with ourselves, with others, within business, and with community. 

Connecting People to Resources

Expand Your Emotional Toolbox

Download the following articles, apps, coping resources to maintain good mental hygiene.


Coping Strategies


Preventing Suicide & Crisis

Phone Apps to Support your Resilience

Thought Diary: CBT-based app to record negative emotions and thinking, and reevaluate. 

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FearTools: CBT-based app to help combat anxiety. 

Download Here

Mood Tools: CBT-based app to help combat depression and alleviate negative moods.

Download Here

Breath Easy: Meditation and de-escalation tool.

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SUPERBETTER  increases resilience.

Download Here

Safety Plan: manage suicidal thoughts and help prevent suicide.

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Mind Springs Health access code ‘wellnessweb’ providing coping resources.

Download Here

More Tools to Elevate Your Wellbeing

Aspen Strong Tools

Connect Anonymously for You or a Loved One.

Promoting mental hygiene and connecting valley-wide resources to support healthy community dialogue where suicide is recognized as preventable and mental hygiene is embraced and supported.