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OUTGROW THE OLD AND EMBRACE WONDER One of the first things I told my husband is that I would never marry him. Yep that’s right. Great first date material. I felt that wonderful, butterflied anticipation in my belly and then…boom! Awkward bomb dropped. He smiled at me, looked me squarely but kindly in the eye

What no one ever tells you about New Beginnings.

  Written by: Lady Fuller The clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, you kiss a loved one, take another sip of champagne or, if you are me, you put yourself to bed happy you were able to stay up this long. Then, the next morning, you wake up and “Poof” you are supposed to be

Take the edge off the holidays. Find the edge of your breathing.

Holding her breath used to make her anxious. Today she counts to four on the inhale, holds for 12 easy counts, and exhales for 8. Her brain, used to puzzling over endless thoughts and fears, lets the breath take her into a pleasurable, deep body-awareness that is starting to become familiar. Weekly breath coaching with

Redefining the Perception of Challenge- Meet Sheryl and Diane

Twenty-seven percent of Americans experience some disability. One hundred percent are a part of our community. Each has a story. Meet Tessa… Tessa is a curious, fun-loving little girl that loves all things little girls her age love. Tessa was born with Down Syndrome which is the most frequently occurring chromosomal disorder and the leading

Want to be well? Practice practice practice gratitude.

Gratitude is the expression of being thankful. Who are you thankful for and how can you show it? Gratitude is an attitude of appreciation. What do you appreciate and how can you show that appreciation this holiday season? Gratitude is allowing yourself to feel awe. Who are you in awe of and how do you show your inspiration?

Have a Grateful Mind During the Holiday

The holidays can be a stress filled anxious time for many of us.  Here are some tips for staying grateful during the holidays. How do I do this for the next few months? Go Outside–fresh air can clear your head and help you gain a different perspective.  Take time to go for a walk and focus