Coping with Catastrophe

These posts, and all of my writing-teaching-training and clinical work, are devoted to helping folks recover their resilience – to “bounce back” from disappointment, difficulty, even disaster more skillfully, more quickly. I focus on helping individuals strengthen the 6 C’s of coping – calm, compassion, connections, clarity, competence and courage -to do so. I rely

Why Mental Health Screenings are a Must

Mental Health Screenings recommended for individuals visiting their general practitioner For many individuals, appointments with doctors are routine. Our community members go to a doctor for a regular physical where their heart rate and blood pressure are checked, their knees are tapped for reflexes, they are measured and weighed to track their size. There are

3 Skills to Learn For Reclaiming your Life Post-Addiction

Overcoming an addiction is an incredible feat. Unfortunately, while it is a huge milestone, it is not the end of the road. Once sobriety is achieved, you must relearn how to live without your addiction present. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but you may be surprised by just how much of a crutch addiction can

Try a Fitness Tracker for [Mental] Health

Meet a friend, go to a meeting, or just head out to the supermarket and you will likely see people wearing all sorts of fitness monitors on their wrist. Most tell you how many steps you have taken, and others tell you your heart rate and how well you slept the previous night. Some can

When Depression Gives You Physical Symptoms

Depression probably makes you think of symptoms such as feeling sad and anxious. While those are common symptoms, it’s important to remember that depression can cause physical symptoms, too. People sometimes spend a lot of time researching the causes of their symptoms, only to find no physical source and instead learn that their depression is