By Michelle Hoy LPC, CAC III, Executive Vice President, Mind Springs Health Each of our wonderful cities, towns and rural areas on the Western Slope has its own unique flavor and vibe, but they share a deadly similarity. In spite of the many suicide prevention programs and initiatives already in place, suicide rates are distressingly

    Are you concerned about a friend’s eating behaviors or attitudes…

    Are you concerned about a friend’s eating behaviors or attitudes but don’t know how to address it with them? Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow: Do: Set a time to talk. Set aside time in a private setting with your friend to discuss your concerns. Communicate your concerns. Share your memories of specific

    Online Depression Screening Effective

    UCONN Health provides us with an article supporting our screening initiative in the Roaring Fork Valley: A new study from an organization that provides depression screenings — quick measures to help a person determine whether they may be at increased risk for depression — has found that more than half of the people who undergo

    Making Time for Exercise

    You’ve been told by your parents, your doctor, your spouse and countless others that it’s important to make time in your day for exercise and they’re right. Exercising regularly has numerous benefits for both your body and your mind. It seems that 5K’s, color runs and marathons are the trend. But where do you do

    Is Your Adolescent Moody or Depressed?

    Adolescents are notorious for their moods. Most of us have seen the teenager who is laughing one minute and locked in his bedroom the next minute upset and angry about something. While this is not necessarily cause for alarm (although it can be annoying), it can be if it lasts for a long time. An

    Mainting a Healthy Mind & Body

    In this day and age we are continuously trying to improve upon ourselves. Fortunately, technology provides us with the resources that allow us to better ourselves with the click of a button. Want to learn how to complete a home improvement project on your own? There are countless apps available to help you to achieve