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Worried About Worry?

Everyone regularly experiences anxiety, from minor concerns such as getting the grocery shopping done on time to the fear of missing a flight. It is not surprising, then, that anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in the United States. However, the commonplace nature of worry in our society can make it difficult

Responsibility Around Suicidal Clients

In the Roaring Fork Valley there have been a number of suicides recently – which is never a feel good talk as a clinician. When the community does speak of the statistics around suicide, Aspen Strong encourages you, as a professional in the community, to have a listening hear, but also let them know of the good work that many providers,

June is Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month and we encourage you all to reach out to your friends, colleagues, family and community to talk about men and mental health. Statistics will show that most men are quite vulnerable when it comes to this area of their health. Seeking help, however, is a sign of strength and shows that you care

PTSD: Not Only a Soldier’s Disease

When Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) comes up on the news, it’s usually in the context of veterans. However, there are many types of trauma that a person can experience in a lifetime without ever setting foot on a battlefield. Loss of a loved one, sexual assault, and the loss of a loved one are a

Supporting our children in times of Tragedy

In light of the events of Manchester we wish to share with some tips for speaking to your child about world trauma. For the full article by Karen Young click here. When the world is struck with a catastrophic event, the instinct to shield our children from the effects of it is completely understandable. We want them

I Screen, You Screen

It’s a known truth that illness can be most effectively treated when it is identified early. If you have an ear infection, start your antibiotics before things get worse. If you discover that you have heart problems, changing your lifestyle could protect you from a future heart attack. Why should mental health be any different?