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Eating Disorders and Athletes: What You Need to Know, by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

Sports are a playground for dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Yet athletic careers are also fragile, easily derailed, and often abbreviated. Fro m injury to burnout, there are many reasons dreams never become a reality. But of all the reasons hopes are dashed, I have found eating disorders to be one of the most dangerous and

New Years Resolution on Losing Weight

It is the beginning of the New Year, a time to reassess goals and priorities in the hope of making personal improvements from the year before.  One of the most popular resolutions among Americans is to lose weight. It is easy to develop tunnel vision once you start counting calories, and it can sometimes lead

Learn about Bulimia

Not everyone with an eating disorder is remarkably thin. Most people with bulimia appear to be a normal body weight, which is one of the reasons why it is often easy for people with bulimia to hide their condition. People with bulimia often “binge” or eat a large amount of food and then “purge” it

Exercise…Mental Hygiene or Addiction?

In this day and age we are continuously trying to improve upon ourselves. Fortunately, technology provides us with the resources that allow us to better ourselves with the click of a button. Want to learn how to complete a home improvement project on your own? There are countless apps available to help you to achieve

Be Kind – It’s Good for You!

February 17 is Random Act of Kindness Day. What does being kind mean to you? Perhaps it is helping a stranger carry a heavy bag. Or, maybe you define it as making sure you call family members who want to hear from you. No matter what act of kindness you perform, you’ll be making someone

A New Year’s Resolution with Extra Benefits: Help Yourself by Helping Others

January is time for a fresh start. It’s a new year and you’re probably loaded with resolve to do as well as possible in 2018. Did you know that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to help others? Finding a cause and community really does bring its own benefits, including: