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Establish a “Settling” Routine

Going to bed is not just something that you do after a long day. It is also something that rests you, refreshes you, sets the tone for the following day, and has a major impact on your physical and mental health. Despite the importance of getting a good night’s slumber, millions of Americans have failed

Introducing Emily Supino, LPC

ASPEN STRONG ANNOUNCES THE HIRING OF EMILY SUPINO LPC, AS OPERATIONAL DIRECTOR. The Aspen Strong director and board have worked passionately and effortlessly since 2014 to promote mental hygiene in the Roaring Fork Valley through online mental health screenings and, also, to centralize the valley’s mental health services through their Provider Directory and Support Calendar. Their

October is National Depression Awareness Month

October is National Depression Awareness Month. One of the more common misconceptions about depression is that depressed people are simply very, very sad. Consequently, people suffering from depression are often told to “cheer up” or “try to think positively” as if that will make their symptoms disappear. The truth is that depression runs much deeper

Board Member Spotlight – RUSH

Elizabeth Rush tells us what she is passionate about Aspen Strong… “As an advocate for mental hygiene, I could not think of a better way to spend my free time than to volunteer with Aspen Strong. Far too often, people ignore their state of mental health due to lack of resources or a lack of funds.


At Aspen Strong we get many parents reaching out to support their children – youth and adult children. We found this article from the Beck Institute by Torrey Creed, PhD to be very supportive. CBT for Youth By Torrey Creed, PhD Many adolescents begin treatment on a different footing from adults. Rather than choosing to start

Don’t Let Negativity Drain You

If you find yourself feeling drained and tired a lot, you probably think about your need to sleep more and eat well. While those things can certainly increase your energy, you may be surprised to learn about other things that may be taking your zip. Procrastination can be a major drain on your energy and