Aspen Strong Internship 2021

Aspen Strong Internship 2021

At Aspen Strong, established in 2014 in response to Pitkin County’s alarming suicide rate, our mission is to promote mental wellness practices and connection to mental health resources in the Roaring Fork Valley.  We inspire a movement that promotes healthy community dialogue where suicide is recognized as preventable and mental wellness is embraced and supported within community and organizational structure.

Community Goals: 

  • Promote mental wellness practices and connect mental health resources for residents and employees in the Aspen to Parachute corridor (population: 50k)
  • Decrease mental health stigma and increase overall community well being
  • Connect more people in need of mental health services with support
  • Decrease statewide suicide and crisis through prevention measures in the RFV
  • Support our community in identifying gaps in the spectrum of mental health services and provide data to our local governments.

Positions available:
Development & Marketing Intern

Reporting Relationship:
Executive Director

Key Colleagues:
Please review the board of directors here:
Additional contract employees that candidate will work with weekly

Principal Opportunities: 

There has never been a more exciting time to join a team promoting mental wellness as Aspen Strong strives to be innovative, creative, and collaborative in addressing the well being of our community. 

This position has potential to the creativity and drive of the individual. Candidate will be instrumental in the marketing, assistant event directing, and relationship building to support Aspen Strong’s vision.

Primary Responsibilities & Objectives of The Job: 

Public Relations

    • Maintain up to date records of partnerships
    • Collaborate with ED, contract workers,  and board committee members supporting fundraising and PR efforts
    • Support community relationships and partnerships with local resources
    • Communicate with press as needed


    • Keep accurate records of all funders
    • Manage NEON CRM so we can optimize its functionalities
    • Maintain communications with donors and ensure acknowledgements are sent out

Marketing & Promotion

    • Social Media Posting/blog
      • support monthly posting content and collaborate with contract employees to create dynamic and engaging content
      • Create and share monthly content calendar with our partners
    • Communicate with web designer on all upcoming events, initiatives and website updates.
    • Participate and assist in the creation, organization and marketing of community and fundraising events
    • Manage Mailchimp Database of Providers
      • Potential to take on monthly newsletters support (mailchimp)


    • Organize and Maintain accurate filing records on Google Drive
    • Banking as needed
    • Mail pick up & drop off


    • Co-manage yearly events in coordination with ED. This can be adapted to interns availability and creativity. The goal is to increase awareness, sponsorship, and attendance.
      • Hike
      • Teen Initiatives
      • Panel Discussions
      • Symposium

Candidate Qualifications and Qualities:

Ideal candidate for the position of Aspen Strong Intern will likely have:

  • High school level or post high school looking for experience to develop their skills in marketing and/or advancement of organization.
  • They will demonstrate strong interest in marketing, public relations, and fundraising with potential for engaging with a wide range of investors, donors and cultures.
  • Enthusiasm for supporting Aspen Strong’s mission and vision.
  • Experience with marketing skills
  • Excellent oral communication skills;
  • Interest in working flexible hours to support events
  • Positive, self-motivated, organized, and creative individual who can work independently and as part of a team.


While working at Aspen Strong, you may have access to and/or be entrusted with confidential information concerning Aspen Strong. You agree that you will not disclose any such confidential information to any outside party, except as required in the normal course of your engagement. You will take all reasonable precautions necessary to secure Aspen Strong’s materials, electronic, intellectual and otherwise, and to protect the privacy of members, staff, and our consumers.


The Aspen Strong office is located in Carbondale, Colorado where collaborative meetings with the Aspen Strong team will be held. Transportation up and down the valley may be needed at times. Working from home is accepted when not scheduled to be in the office.

Compensation & Benefits

$14/hr for 20hrs a week.  There is potential for more leadership opportunities to be presented based on interest and quality/effort demonstrated.


9 weeks with the opportunity to extend

To Apply: ​Please send with the following documents to Angilina Taylor at ​​


  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume

Download the PDF of this job description.